Chapter 8. Intrinsic Special Variables

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Table of Contents

Interrupt Handling
Establishing the Value from $gtmroutines
Setting a Value for $ZROutines
$ZROutines Examples
$ZROutines Search Types
$ZROutines Search Examples
Shared Library File Specification in $ZROUTINES
Triggers ISVs

This chapter describes the M Intrinsic Special Variables implemented in GT.M. All entries starting with the letter Z are GT.M additions to the ANSI standard Intrinsic Special Variables. None of the Intrinsic Special Variables are case sensitive.

M Intrinsic Special Variables start with a single dollar sign ($). GT.M provides such variables for program examination. In some cases, the Intrinsic Special Variables may be set to modify the corresponding part of the environment.

[Note] Note

None of the Intrinsic Special Variables can be KILLed. SETting or NEWing is generally not allowed, but is specifically noted in the descriptions of those that do.