$ZYER[ROR] is a read/write ISV that contains a string value pointing to an entryref. After GT.M encounters an error, if $ZYERROR is set a non-null value, GT.M invokes the routine at the entryref specified by $ZYERROR with an implicit DO. It is intended that the code invoked by $ZYERROR use the value of $ZSTATUS to select or construct a value to which it SETs $ZERROR. If $ZYERROR is not a valid entryref or if an error occurs while executing the entryref specified by $ZYERROR, GT.M SETs $ZERROR to the error status encountered. GT.M then returns control to the M code specified by $ETRAP/$ZTRAP or device EXCEPTION.

$ZYERROR is implicitly NEWed on entry to the routine specified by $ZYERROR. However, if GT.M fails to compile, GT.M does not transfer control to the entryref specified by $ZYERROR.

GT.M permits $ZYERROR to be modified by the SET and NEW commands.