$TR[ESTART] contains a count of the number of times the current TRANSACTION has been RESTARTed. A RESTART can be explicit (specified in M as a TRESTART) or implicit (initiated by GT.M as part of its internal concurrency control mechanism). $TRESTART can have values of 0 through 4. When there is no TRANSACTION in progress, $TRESTART is zero (0).

$TRESTART can be used by the application to limit the number of RESTARTs, or to cause a routine to perform different actions during a RESTART than during the initial execution.

[Note] Note

GT.M does not permit the SET command to modify $TRESTART.


IF $TRESTART>2 WRITE !;"Access Conflict" QUIT

This example terminates the sub-routine with a message if the number of RESTARTs exceeds 2.