The ZCOMPILE command invokes the GT.M compiler from within the GT.M run-time environment.

Within GT.M itself, ZCOMPILE provides the functionality of the mumps command, except for mumps -direct.

The format of the ZCOMPILE command is:

ZCOM[PILE][:tvexpr] expr[,...]

The $ZCSTATUS intrinsic special variable holds the value of the status code for the compilation performed by a ZCOMPILE command.

For a description of the arguments and qualifiers of the mumps command, refer to Chapter 3: “Development Cycle.

Examples of ZCompile



This compiles EXAMPLE.m in the current working directory.


ZCOMPILE "-list A*.m"

This compiles all files starting with a [capital] A and an extension of .m in the current working directory and produces corresponding listing files for each source / object.