Chapter 2. GT.M Language Extensions

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Table of Contents

Operating System Interface Facilities
Debugging Facilities
Exception Handling Facilities
Journaling Extensions
Extensions For Additional Capability
GT.M Device Handling Extensions
Alias Variables Extensions
ZWRITE / ZSHOW "V" format
SET * and QUIT * Examples
KILL * Examples
Annotated Alias Examples
Extensions for Unicode™ support
Philosophy of GT.M Unicode Support
Discussion and Best Practices

In addition to providing all of the ANSI standard M features, GT.M offers a number of language extensions. In this chapter, the language extensions are grouped by intended function to demonstrate their relationships to each other and to the programming process. A summary table is provided in each section. For a full description of a particular extension, refer to its complete entry in the Commands, Functions, or Intrinsic Special Variables chapter.

The following sections describe the GT.M language extensions listed below: