MUPIP Trigger and $ZTRIgger()

MUPIP TRIGGER provides a facility to examine and update triggers. The $ZTRIGGER() function performs trigger maintenance actions analogous to those performed by MUPIP TRIGGER. $ZTRIGGER() returns the truth value expression depending on the success of the specified action. You choice of MUPIP TRIGGER or $ZTRIGGER() for trigger maintenance should depend on your current application development model and configuration management practices. Both MUPIP TRIGGER and $ZTRIGGER() use the same trigger definition syntax. You should familiarize yourself with the syntax of an entry in a trigger definition file before exploring MUPIP TRIGGER and $ZTRIGGER(). For more information and usage examples of MUPIP TRIGGER, refer to GT.M Administration and Operations Guide. For more information and usage examples of $ZTRIGGER(), refer to “$ZTRIgger()”.