Extends $DATA() to reflects the current alias state of the lvn or name argument to identify alias and alias container variables. It treats variables joined through pass-by-reference as well as TP RESTART variables within a transaction as alias variables. However, it does not distinguish nodes having alias containers among their descendants.

In addition to the four standard M results from $DATA(), $ZDATA() returns:

Existing $DATA() tests for data and descendants report on alias and alias container variables, as well as other variables in the standard fashion. When an application uses alias and alias container variables $ZDATA() supplies additional information when needed.

Examples of $ZDATA()


GTM>set a=1,*b(1)=a,*c=d
GTM>write $data(a)," ",$zdata(a)
1 101
GTM>write $data(b)," ",$zdata(b)
10 10
GTM>write $data(c)," ",$zdata(c)
0 100
GTM>write $data(d)," ",$zdata(d)
0 100
GTM>write $data(b(1))," ",$zdata(b(1))
1 101
GTM>set b(1,2)=2

GTM>write $data(b(1))," ",$zdata(b(1))
11 111
GTM>write $data(b(1,2))," ",$zdata(b(1,2))
1 1