The ZTCOMMIT command marks the end of a logical transaction within a GT.M program. ZTCOMMIT used with ZTSTART "fences" transactions (that is, marks the end and beginning). Fencing transactions allows the MUPIP JOURNAL facility to prevent incomplete application transactions consisting of multiple global updates from affecting the database during a database recovery. FIS strongly recommends the use of the M transaction processing commands such as TSTART and TCOMMIT rather than ZTSTART and ZTCOMMIT. FIS no longer tests the deprecated ZTSTART / ZTCOMMIT functionally.

The format of the ZTCOMMIT command is:

ZTC[OMMIT][:tvexpr] [intexpr]

Examples of ZTCOMMIT



This ZTCOMMIT issued from Direct Mode would close any open ZTSTARTs.


This shows a transaction with two independent nested sub-transactions. For additional examples, refer to the ZTSTART examples.