The ZDEALLOCATE command releases a specified resource name or names previously reserved by the ZALLOCATE command. The ZDEALLOCATE command releases only the specified name(s) without releasing other names previously reserved with the ZALLOCATE or LOCK command.

The ZDEALLOCATE command provides compatibility with some other GT.M implementations. The M Development Committee choose to add the + and - delimiters to the LOCK command rather than adopt the ZALLOCATE and ZDEALLOCATE approach. Therefore, when a design requires an incremental lock mechanism, LOCK +/- has the advantage of being part of the M standard. LOCK +/- also has the advantage of working symmetrically when routines using LOCKs are nested.

The format of the ZDEALLOCATE command is:

ZD[EALLOCATE][:tvexpr] [nref[,...]]



For examples of ZALLOCATE, refer to “Examples of ZALLOCATE.