The HANG command suspends GT.M program execution for a period of time specified by the command argument.

The format of the HANG command is:

H[ANG][:tvexpr] numexpr[,...]

A process that repeatedly tests for some event, such as a device becoming available or another process modifying a global variable, may use a HANG to limit its consumption of computing resources.

Because HALT and HANG share the same abbreviation (H), GT.M differentiates them based on whether an argument follows the command.

Examples of HANG


For  Quit:$Data(^CTRL(1))  Hang 30

This FOR loop repeatedly tests for the existence of ^CTRL(1), and terminates when that global variable exists. Otherwise the routine HANGs for 30 seconds and tests again.


SET t=1 For  Quit:$Data(^CTRL(1))  Hang t If t<30 Set t=t+1

This is similar to the previous example, except that it uses an adaptive time that lengthens from 1 second to a limit of 30 seconds if the routine stays in the loop.